Accessibility & Inclusion

graphic: Accessibility and inclusion: making camp safe, accessible and fun for everyone

How do we make sure camp is as accessible as possible?

Staff and counselors will be trained in how to structure activities that are accessible to all taking into account neurodiversity and different physical abilities.

We will have a supervised quieter room where campers can retreat to when they need a break from the sensory stimulation that is inherent at summer camp.

How is camp inclusive of people of all genders?

At Camp Beyond Binary, we know that gender is wide open, spacious, and evolving.

Cabins: Our cabins are all-gender by default.

Medical staff: our medical staff are aware of and comfortable with the specific needs of LGBTQ campers. We have 1-2 RNs on site at all times, as well as a trained EMT.

Mental health: We will have an LGBTQ competent mental health provider on staff.

Bathrooms and showers are all gender. The shower house contains individual shower and bathroom stalls for privacy and comfort.