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Camp 2023 info, dates, and locations coming soon!

Camp Beyond Binary is life-changing camp experience for LGBTQ+ youth and allies ages 12-16 and will take place in upstate New York August 7-12.

Our camp program weaves in the values of justice, empathy, leadership, transformation and belonging. In addition to typical summer camp activities like swimming and archery, campers will have many opportunities to explore and develop these core values.

Campers and staff from the 2022 season

“Picking [my camper] up was exhilarating. That kiddo has been hiding in their self for…forever. Although I’ve known what was inside, it was incredible to see it and to see them FEEL it. They have struggled with a lot of self disgust over the years but pulling out of camp they said that they love their self. That they are beautiful. For my kid to see their self with love and care and acceptance is a gift I am so grateful for. I hope they can hold onto that as they go back to “real life.” I can’t thank you all enough for dreaming up this incredible camp, and for all the work that took place behind the scene and throughout the week to make it happen. This is a week [my camper] will remember forever.”

2022 parent via Facebook

A happy parent