Welcome home!

*Thank you to everyone who applied to camp. Our window for camper applications has closed for this year and camp is full. Please watch our website for future events*

Campers who have been accepted should have received three emails from us so far. One saying you were accepted, one with two forms to fill out and another with a welcome packet, medical and financial forms. We have discovered some people’s email programs are sending messages from camp to spam. If you did not receive two emails from us please check your spam folder.

If you applied to be a camper before the end of May and have not received word of acceptance. Please check your spam folder and reach out if you have questions.

Camp Beyond Binary is an exciting camp experience for LGBTQ+ youth and allies ages 12-18 and will take place in upstate New York August 7-12.

Our camp program weaves in the values of justice, empathy, leadership, transformation and belonging. In addition to typical summer camp activities like swimming and archery, campers will have many opportunities to explore and develop these core values.



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Camp Beyond Binary Begins!

A distance shot of a lake with a forest in the background. On the right are some tall trees and the roof of a pavilion. in the foreground are some rustic benches in a grassy feild

Camp is a place where I can be my true self, or try on other selves, and no one judges me. It’s where I truly fit in and I feel like I’m home.

A happy camper